Natural and Manly Beard Balm

  • Natural and Manly
  • Zero Bullshit
  • Made with Hemp Seed Oil
  • Beeswax-based
  • Special blend of natural and organic butters and oils
  • Lightly scented with essential oils and natural fragrances
  • Earthy and sweet

Natural and Manly Beard Balm


When it comes to protecting your man mane, zero bullshit is allowed. That’s why we created a hemp seed beard balm that is natural and manly. Hand Forged by a bearded mountain man, this balm contains damn fine ingredients for a superior feel. No longer will your beard feel like you’re wearing a sheep on your face. Now it can feel like the magnificent mane it deserves to be. After all, it is well known that a natural and well kept beard makes the ladies come a’callin in droves. It’s science. So balm up that beard, give life a high five and carpe diem!

What makes this beard balm so manly?

  • Damn fine beard care made with hemp seed oil and other organic ingredients.
  • Special blend of butters and oils leave your beard soft and healthy, while the beeswax base is strong enough to tame even the manliest of facial fluff.
  • Masculinity comes with a price. The natural Shea Butter in our balm makes it an excellent leave-in conditioner to help relieve the itch that often comes with a great beard.
  • Lightly scented with essential oils and natural fragrances. Earthy, sweet, and zero bullshit.
  • Hand-forged in Colorado.
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 0.75 in


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