Bruce Banner Discreet Cannabis T Shirt


Bruce Banner Cannabis T Shirt


A green monster is contained within the mild mannered Bruce Banner Cannabis. A rush of energy infuses every cell in the body as Bruce Banner begins to transform the mind into a energetic state. The world seems a different place when seen with green tinted eyes. Creativity abounds and ideas rush onto the stage of the mind. The green monster emits a diesel smell into the air to mark his territory with a dank aroma.

After the monster subsides, a calm washes over. Energetic bursts turn to chill waves as Bruce Banner returns to his normal state. Although kept at bay, the green monster can be released with a spark. Befriend Bruce Banner and the day can turn into a green adventure upon moments notice.

What are Discreet Cannabis T Shirts?

Strain Printed is a small Colorado-based company that started with a passion project: to design and craft some comfortable discreet cannabis T shirts that celebrate the cannabis community.

The imaginative names of the various cannabis strains – legends and new hybrids alike – were just asking to be depicted graphically. We wanted something that didn’t scream out “Hey world, I smoke weed! Look at me! Pot leaves everywhere! Hey Look at all these Rasta colors!.” This in mind, we took inspiration from the old vintage looks of the past decades. The classic design motifs never seem to go out of style. They are timeless and move throughout the generations – just like good buds and friends. We also wanted shirts that were comfortable. After all, there are a lot of T shirts out there. No one, us included, wants to wear a low quality crappy T shirt. We went the other route and got shirts that feel like wearing a comfy cloud. These are the shirts that we keep reaching for over the others just because they feel so good to wear. We also wanted shirts that were stylish with classic designs. Basically, we wanted to create cannabis shirts that we would happily wear ourselves – at the grocery store, bar, or family dinner – without reservation.

We went through a long design phase before finding the right look: vintage, subtle, and with all strain references likely to be recognized only by those “in the know.” We spent just as much time on development, testing different materials and production methods to produce clothing of the highest quality. Our fitted t-shirts are soft to the touch, and our method of discharge printing – setting the pigment in the fabric resulting in a shirt with no raised ink – prevents the design from chipping or cracking, even after multiple washes.

And so you know, when we say we are Colorado-based, we mean it – each shirt is hand screened with a craftsman’s care and precision in Rifle, Colorado at 5,348 ft.

For wholesale accounts, please Contact Us directly.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 0.75 in
Shirt Color

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